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Boys will be boys, so doG made belly bands!

Belly bands, are a great tool for house breaking your hound or for aging hounds who are having incontinence issues.





My belly bands are crafted of double thick fleece, because it is the best material that I have found to keep your pups dry while providing ample airflow, extra softness and comfort as he moves about.

I now slightly taper my bands up and over the backside for added comfort and coolness. The underside of the band on a size large is 7" wide...nothing peeking out ;) 

Velcro is 2" wide x 5" long - a strong hook and loop closure for easy on and easy off. No exposed "sticky/hooky" side of the velcro is ever facing your dogs skin. I add 4" to 5" of fabric to your measurements for slight weight loss or weight gain and summer and winter coat changes.  The 




How to use a belly band: Simply place an inexpensive, disposable maxi-pad (without wings) or poise pad against the inside center of the belly band (the side that goes against the dogs belly). Wrap the band snugly, but not too tight, holding the pad in place so that when he urinates, he will urinate on the pad. When fitted properly, the hook and loop closure is on the pups back.

Belly Band Tips!!


  • It is important that you REMEMBER to check and change out wet pads often.
  • I suggest you have two belly bands, one for the wash and one for wearing. 
  • If your pup has urinated on pad and is quite wet, wash your pups under belly where the wet pad was in contact with the skin to avoid skin irritation and dry thoroughly. 
  • If chaffing develops, use a protective ointment on your dog's skin.
  • Belly Bands are not meant to replace your dog's regular potty training, you will still have to maintain a regular eating and potty schedule for your dog. 

Fleece Fabric Colors Currently in Stock: 

Fabrics Colors May Be Limited, Please Inquire



            Extra Small up to 15 inches in length............$ 12.00 

             Small 15 to 18 inches in length....................$15.00

             Medium 19 to 22 inches in length.................$17.00

             Large 23 to 26 inches in length....................$19.00 (Typical Greyhound Size-finished band size is 30") 

             Extra Large 27 inches and up.......................$23.00

10% Discount on two or more belly band. 

Shipping: $3.95 up to two bands, $4.90 for up to four bands. Priority 2 to 3 day shipping is also available small "if it fits, it ships" shipping box $5.80. Shipping for three (3) or more bands will be shipped on weight and postal zone.

How To Order: Please use the "contact us" button with order questions or email me direct at [email protected] I'm here to help and answer all your questions!

Payment Options: I accept PayPal and Personal Checks (personal checks must clear the bank before items are crafted and shipped). If you do not have a paypal account, I can invoice you from PayPal as a guest - you can then pay with a Debit or Credit Card. Just let me know and I will invoice you. 

How to measure for your belly band: 

1) Wrap a flexible measuring tape comfortably all the way around your hounds waist in two spots, this tells me how big around his belly is. Do not pull too real tight, just a snug fit.

A1) Measurement will be taken around the belly just in front of his penis. (see photo diagram below where the RED marking indicates). Record this measurement.

A2) Measurement will be taken around the belly just in front of the flank (see photo diagram below where the PINK marking indicates). Record this measurement.

A3) Measure from the flank to just in front of the penis tip, this tells me how WIDE to make your band (see photo diagram below where the YELLOW horizontal marking indicates) . Record this measurement.

I will add the necessary adjustment to your measurements for the perfect fit, please do not add more to your measurements. 

A1) Red measurement__________ A2) Pink measurement_________

A3) Yellow Measurement_________ A4) Breed of Dog____________

A5) Greyhounds, how long off the track______________


Model: Beau 

Caring for your belly band: My belly bands are machine washable and dryable. First, fasten the belly band together before washing, this eliminates the hook and loop from catching on other items in the washer and dryer. Wash in luke warm water with detergent and liquid fabric softener, dry on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes with a dryer sheet to control static.

Disclaimer: Doing business as the The Silent Hound, Diana May is not responsible for any damages or losses to property, persons or animals resulting in unsupervised and/or improper use of any of these products. Purchaser agrees to take full responsibility.

Buyer provides seller with all the hounds measurements. Belly Bands are made to order from measurements that have been given to The Silent Hound by you. All sales are final unless a defect is cause in workmanship. 

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